I have sensitive skin, will this soap work for me?
Hey, you've come to the right place. All of our soaps use clean natural ingredients.This means, no harsh chemicals and only the best of what nature provides. With that being said, all of our soaps have been tested on a variety of skin types without any breakouts.This is not to say breakouts can't happen, but, so far all of our testers have had wonderful experiences. We hope you will too.

How long do your soap bars last?
While we don't use any hardening agents, our soap bars are known to last several weeks; it generally depends on how often you bathe. Storing your soap on a dry surface area will also play an essential role in lengthening the life of your bar soap.

Do your items contain any animal products?
None of our items contain any animal products. Period.

What is the weight of the soap bar?
All of our standard sized soap bars weigh around 4.5 ounces. M+W bars are rectangular shaped for easy holding. Since our bars are handmade the weight of each bar may vary slightly.

Still have more questions?
Hit us up at whatsgood@morrisandwade.com

How will my order ship?
All orders ship through USPS.

Do you ship worldwide?
We do not ship international yet, but we'll get there.